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By | February 13, 2020

Inventory Trim

DIGITAL AUTOMATED MACHINE LEARNING BASED Inventory and Order Management System for Perishable Items. A machine learning based automated inventory manage ment system for perishable goods in the supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores and all other such businesses facing challenges with...

By | February 13, 2020


ML BASED MOBILE APPLICATION To validate the measurement of manufactured products. It is done just by taking the photo of the product within 0.5-1 min. It will then generate the chart of accurate measurements along with the tolerance levels....

By | February 13, 2020

Smart Acquaponics System

SMART AQUAPONICS SYSTEMS The product is designed to resolve the challenges faced by existing aquaponics industry as well as to attract farming industry towards the futuristic approach of ethical and recyclable farming method, i.e., smart aquaponics system. The product...