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To manage mental health, anxiety, stress and fear.

A smart dog crate that can be used not only for sleeping and relaxing purposes but also deals with dog’s anxiety. Its major features are vibration dampening, noise cancelling and an orthopaedic memory foam combining to make a comfortable home for a dog. It automatically detects when the pet enters the crate and immediately begins
playing calming music to soothe the dog’s anxiety and fear related stress, example thunder or fireworks etc. It also transmits data through a mobile application to the pet owner through a text message when the dog enters or leaves the crate along with a camera to monitor the pet’s movement when they are not at home. The sensors monitor the dog’s temperature and the same is communicated through the mobile application to the pet owner. The mobile application prompts the pet owner about the pet’s schedule or daily routine tasks/activities that may include pet’s feed time, medication time, walk time, or may be a vet’s appointment reminder.